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Commercial Destruction and Disposal of Electronic Equipment

Back Thru The Future understands the risks and has the proven tools and the experience for destroying devices containing electronic circuitry.

Electronic Device and Data Destruction

Back Thru The Future, with over twenty five years of experience in the recycling of computer electronics, has developed an expertise in the disassembly, destruction by shredding and the environmentally compliant recycling of all types of devices containing electronic circuitry. We provide both plant based and mobile product destruction services.
We provide these services to medical equipment manufacturers, military equipment manufacturers, gaming companies, communication equipment manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers as well as computer equipment manufacturers and users.
No matter what your reason for wanting to destroy your electronic devices you need to meet two primary objectives:
1. Your product is destroyed in such a manner that it can never be reused or identified as coming from your organization.
2. The resulting materials from the destruction process be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate and regulatory compliant manner.

Understanding the challenges of destroying devices containing electronic circuitry.

Electronic circuitry are the brains of your devices. The unique value of your product is contained on this circuitry. Destroying obsolete and defective devices protects your brand.
Electronic technology is constantly evolving becoming more powerful, smaller and less expensive. Keep in mind that this technology is just hardware. The true value add of this technology is the firmware programmed into the circuitry that makes it do what you need it to do. This programming is contained on incredibly small electronic chips embedded on the circuit boards. From a reverse engineering standpoint recovering your unique programming from a chip is a relatively simple task. Therefore, it is imperative that the chips themselves must be destroyed.

De-manufacturing of your devices accomplish three important destruction objectives.

1.The circuit boards are removed for specialized handling, shredding and recycling.
2. Batteries are removed for separate environmentally required recycling.
3. Other materials such as plastics and metals are separated for further specialized recycling.

Shredding and recycling your devices electronic circuitry.

Shredding the circuit boards assures that nothing short of a laboratory based reconstruction effort could ever recover your proprietary product design. The shredding is performed in a highly secure environment. The shredded particles are then sent to precious metal refining facilities where the shredded material is melted and the valuable metals recovered. This recycling process assures you that all proprietary information is destroyed.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance.

25 States require that all devices with electronic circuitry embedded be recycled by qualified electronic recyclers and not land-filled. Back Thru The Future is one of only a very limited number of electronic recyclers in the US that is authorized as a US EPA “Universal Waste Destination facility for Electronics”. We have the US EPA authority to provide a legally valid environmental compliance document for the proper recycling of electronic waste. (Read More)

Destruction Certification:

We can provide for witnessed destruction both in person or Skyped. We can provide video recorded destruction on any media you choose. Our entire destruction process includes documented handling points within the destruction process that constitute auditable “chain of possession” .This is of particular importance for medical device manufactures that are required by the FDA to track individual devices utilizing UDI labels.

All project documentation stored in the Cloud

Providing auditable project documentation is important but having immediate access to all your historic product destruction documentation for both audit purposes as well as regulatory compliance purposes is a very valuable add on feature. Back Thru The Future’s “Compliance Library” cloud based document archive is designed to provide password protected project information available to you anywhere at any time.  (Read More)

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