The BTTF Compliance Library ™ is your key to a successful audit

Back Thru The Future’s Compliance Library gives you 24/7 access to all of your disposal documentation and certificates.


There are over 500 Federal and State regulations governing IT asset disposal. Back Thru The Future understands these risks and has the proven tools and the experience to guide our clients through this complicated regulatory landscape

“I remembered you mentioning on the phone how this access can be useful during an audit; we were just notified this morning that auditors will be here earlier than agreed upon: today! And how I am extra appreciative of her assistance right now! Talk about timing! (Thought you might appreciate that anecdote too!)”

Kyndle @ Community Bank

Regulatory compliance requires

documented evidence of your activity

Regulatory compliance requires that you not only follow prescribed steps but also maintain auditable documentation of your practices.  The more detailed the documentation the more likely you will pass an audit with flying colors.  IT asset disposal requires compliance to both environmental and data privacy regulations.

Back Thru The Future® has always provided detailed serial number inventory records for all IT assets we recycle or dispose of.  These inventory records are appended to the regulatory required environmental and data destruction certifications.  Both environmental and data privacy regulations require that you maintain disposal records for a minimum of three years.  We have always been concerned with how and where our clients filed these records.  On numerous occasions we received panicked requests for old disposal records from clients that were going through audits and were unable to find their records.


In 2010 we introduced our web based document archive “Compliance Library ™”.  Since that time we have steadily improved the accessibility and ease of use of this service.  The original intent of simply providing a single location to retrieve the required compliance documents has been expanded to provide all project documentation such as bills of lading, original project quotes, project invoices and relevant project emails.

These records are maintained for each individual project, identifying the location and date of the specific event. The Compliance Library ™ is fully searchable, granting you the ability to find the disposal records of a single IT asset by simply typing in the barcode label.

In the beginning of 2015 we introduced the “Totalizer” report that provides YTD asset disposal totals for each customer location.  These totals are grouped by equipment categories such as desktop PCs, Laser printers, LCDs , hard drives etc.  At any point in time you can see, for example, how many laptop computers have been disposed of YTD in your NYC data center or how many hard drives have we shred in your Kansas City office.  These totalizer records are maintained on an annual basis so you can build an annual history of all of your IT asset disposal activity.  The totalizer also accumulates your total electronic recycling weights for each of your locations.  This is a great tool for establishing internal environmental recycling metrics.

Compliance Library™ represents a comprehensive solution to bulky emails and easily lost hard copies of critical project files as well as a detailed asset management tool for your accounting department and IT operations management.

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