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Back Thru The Future is the industry leading company for hard drive shredding and data destruction in New Jersey. Our expertise and experience have helped thousands of New Jersey businesses remain secure.

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The NJ DEP requires a “Class D” electronics processing license to recycle electronics in NJ. There are currently 10 Class D licenses.  Hard drives, solid state drives, PDAs, cell phones, tablets are all considered electronics that can only be processed and recycled by a class D licensed facility.

Mobile hard drive shredding prohibited in NJ 2008

In a Letter of Interpretation to Back Thru The Future, the NJ DEP stated that a hard drive is an electronic device. It states that as Universal Waste, it can only be recycled, disposed of or processed (shredding is considered processing) by a licensed Class D Universal Waste Consumer electronics processing facility. The NJ DEP further stated that since a Class D permit is issued to a specific geographical location mobile shredding of a hard drive anywhere in NJ was prohibited.  NJ was the only State in the US that enforced this prohibition.

Class D license amendment allowing mobile hard drive shredding 2013

In April of 2013, the NJ DEP issued an amendment to the Universal Waste Consumer Electronics license. This amendment allowed a Class D facility to provide onsite hard drive shredding as long as a list of handling requirements were met.  Back Thru the Future was the first and only Class D facility to receive this amendment.  Until 2015, we were the only business in the US that could legally provide onsite hard drive shredding services in NJ.

Mobile Hard Drive Shredding and Data Destruction in New Jersey for data security purposes permitted for non NJ DEP licensed shredders but with significant restrictions. 

In January of 2016 NJ passed a law permitting non licensed shredders to provide onsite hard drive shredding for data security purposes. Click here for the Approved onsite shredding law.

Don’t be mislead by businesses identifing themselves as NJ DEP “registered” computer recyclers. 

Registered is not “licensed”.  The NJ e-waste law requires that all disposed electronic equipment be recycled by a licensed electronic recycler.  In NJ that means a NJ DEP Class D licensed recycler.   Universal waste regulations require that anyone handling or storing more than 11000 pounds of universal waste must “register” with the Federal EPA and NJ DEP as a “Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler”.   Handlers are specifically prohibited from processing (recycling) the stored material.  Most registered handlers are used computer resellers and can not issue a regulatory valid computer recycling certificate as required under the NJ e-waste law. 

Our EPA audit report provides the details required to pass an EPA audit 

We document each project with a report listing the manufacturer, model, type of equipment, weight and serial number of every item of equipment recycled.  This EPA audit report provides a record supporting your compliance to the recycling regulations.  Without a legally valid, detailed environmental compliance certificate and audit report, you could be held financially responsible if a one of your computers is found in an illegal dump.  

Hard drive destruction under NJ DEP regulations 

Surveys have shown that the single largest concern of CIOs when recycling computer equipment is data security. Shredding hard drives is by far the most effective technique for the destruction of recorded data.

NJ DEP regulations specifically state: 

To “Crush, shred and puncture hard drives and electronic data storage media generated from the disassembly of used electronics” you must be a permitted “universal waste destination facility” as identified under 40 CRF 260 of the Federal EPA universal waste handling code. 

We are NAID AAA certified as a secure plant based and mobile hard drive shredding operation. 

We were the first computer recycling business in the US to receive this certification and we are the only NJ Class D licensed computer recycling facility with this security certification. 

As a NJ based computer recycling company with over 30 years of experience, we have the unique credentials as the only NJ DEP Class D licensed computer recycling company that is also a NAID AAA certified secure data destruction facility. We are the preferred computer recycling company for NJ based businesses.  Back Thru The Future currently supports nearly 70% of all NJ community banks and hospitals.  Our customer list includes many major NJ centric organizations. 


Back Thru the Future has been providing environmentally compliant hard drive shredding and data destruction in New Jersey for over 30 years. In 2005 we became the first computer recycler in the country to offer stand alone hard drive shredding services. With over 1000 customers we have the experience and expertise to address any type of shredding project.


Back Thru The Future is a US EPA registered and NJ State DEP licensed Universal Waste (Hazardous Waste) electronics recycling facility. We are also NAID AAA and PCI DSS certified secure processing facility- ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (EHS), 45001 (OSHA) certified- R2 electronic recycler certified.

With an annual budget of over $50,000 to maintain our certifications, we are serious about providing our customers with the highest level of regulatory compliance and we can prove it.


Back Thru The Future employs 4 mobile hard drive shredding vehicles and a high capacity plant based shredder and disintegrator.  Our shredders are capable of the 3/8″ shredding size required for NIST compliant SSD destruction. Several are rated at over 2000 hard drives shred per hour.  We have the capability to address any type and size shredding project.



Onsite shredding is the most effective method for sanitizing SSD and solid state cards. Because of the very small size of solid state circuitry, NIST destruction guidelines require a maximum shred size of 1/2 inches. Back Thru The Future is one of only a very limited number of onsite hard drive shredding services that can meet this shred size standard. Today, most mobile computing devices utilize solid state storage. Server hard drives are rapidly incorporating solid state data storage components. The sanitization of solid state storage devices is becoming a significant data security challenge. Adopting onsite SSD shredding as your universal data destruction process eliminates the technical challenges of sanitizing solid state media and provides a one-stop solution to all of your data destruction needs.


As a Federal and State licensed electronic recycling facility, we provide a Certificate of Destruction that is also a regulatory required environmental compliance document. Our proprietary materials sorting process allows us to recapture nearly 100% of the materials used in the manufacturing of a hard drive. This makes a hard drive as close as possible to an environmentally sustainable product.

100% of our client quality control surveys rate both our pre-project and
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92% of our new client quality control surveys have been returned marked “exceeded expectations”.

Our Mission is Protecting our Clients from Environmental and Data Security Liabilities
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