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We can securely remove your electronics, shred the hard drives onsite or offiste, and remove your electronic equipment.

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NJ DEP Licensed & Certified Secure Computer Recycling

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Computer recycling is a NJ DEP regulated activity

New Jersey has one of the most restrictive computer recycling regulations in the US. The NJ DEP along with 7 other State environmental regulatory agencies has classified to be disposed of computer equipment as a “Universal Waste” . Universal Waste is a Federal EPA managed and regulated set of waste disposal handling requirements.  Under these handling guidelines only properly registered “Universal Waste Destination Facilities” are permitted to process (recycle) a universal waste.  The NJ DEP identifies NJ based computer recycling destination facilities as Class D Universal Waste Consumer Electronics permitted facilities. Class D facilities are authorized to recycle computers as required under the 2011 enacted NJ E-waste law. We are one of only 9 Class D licensed facilities in the State of NJ.  Only a NJ Class D licensed facility can issue a regulatory valid computer recycling environmental compliance certificate.

Back Thru The Future® is a federal and state registered “Universal Waste Consumer Electronics Destination Facility” (Permit No. CDG120002, EPA ID No. 000075416)

Don’t be mislead by businesses identifing themselves as NJ DEP “registered” computer recyclers.

Registered is not “licensed”.  The NJ e-waste law requires that all to be disposed of electronic equipment must be “recycled” by a “licensed” electronic recycler.  In NJ that means a NJ DEP Class D licensed recycler.   Universal waste regulations require anyone handling or storing more than 11000 pounds of universal waste must “register” with both the Federal EPA and NJ DEP as a “Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler”   Handlers are specifically prohibited from processing (recycling) the stored material.  Most registered handlers are used computer resellers and can not issue a regulatory valid computer recycling certificate as required under the NJ e-waste law.

Our EPA audit report provides the details required to pass an EPA audit

We document each project with a report listing the manufacturer, model, type of equipment, weight and serial number of every item of equipment recycled.  This EPA audit report provides a record supporting your compliance to the recycling regulations for every item of equipment disposed of.  Keep in mind that without a detailed legally valid environmental compliance certificate and audit report you could be held financially responsible for any environmental clean up costs if a one of your disposed of computers is found in an illegal dump.  This is a pretty remote risk but it has happened.

Hard drive destruction under NJ DEP regulations

Surveys have shown that the single largest concern by a factor of 2 to 1 by CIOs when recycling computer equipment is data security. The shredding of hard drives is by far the most effective technique for the destruction of recorded data. NJ DEP regulations specifically state:

To “Crush, shred and puncture hard drives and electronic data storage media generated from the disassembly of used electronics” you must be a permitted “universal waste destination facility” as identified under 40 CRF 260 of the Federal EPA universal waste handling code.

We are NAID AAA certified as a secure plant based and mobile hard drive shredding operation.

We were the first computer recycling business in the US to receive this certification and we are the only NJ Class D licensed computer recycling facility with this security certification.

As a NJ based computer recycling company with over 30 years of experience and with our unique credentials as the only NJ DEP Class D licensed computer recycling company that is also a NAID AAA certified secure data destruction facility we have established ourselves as the preferred computer recycling company for NJ based businesses.  We currently support nearly 70% of all NJ community banks and hospitals.  Our customer list includes many major NJ centric organizations.

ISO 9001- QMS, 14001- EMS, 45001- OH & S certified

ISO (International Standards Organization) certification is an audited set of International standards that require all processes be documented and that a rigorous quality control process be maintained. This includes not only internal processes but also requires us to monitor customer satisfaction.

100% of our customer surveys rate us “excellent” for project related communications.

Diversity vendor qualified

We are certified by the SBA and NJ Economic Development Agency as a Small Business Enterprise and are certified by WBENC as a “Woman’s Owned Business”.  We are an active participant in many organizational diversity inclusion programs.

R2 certified

R2  (Responsible Recycling) is an international recycling industry standard for the environmentally proper disposal of electronic equipment. R2 certification is an audited process confirming that the recycling business has appropriate policies and procedures for the disposal of obsolete electronics. R2, ISO (Environmental, OSHA, Quality Control) and NAID AAA security certifications are considered the “gold” standard for regulatory “Vendor Due Diligence” requirements.  Back Thru The Future is one of a small number of electronic recyclers in the US with all these certifications as well as being a US EPA and NJ DEP licensed “Universal Waste Destination Facility” for the processing of electronics.

NAID AAA secure data destruction certified

We are the only NJ DEP Class D permitted facility that is also NAID AAA certified for both plant based and mobile hard drives shredding.

Getting started on your computer recycling project

Getting started on your next computer recycling or secure data destruction project is simple and doesn’t cost a penny. Simply either select our “chat” icon for an immediate conversation with our customer service department, or call at your leisure 973-823-9752 or select the contact us button below for an email response

We will provide you with a written project quote within 24 hours of your request. We include a detailed statement of services to be performed. If the quoted costs and services to be performed meet with your approval you can simply give us your verbal approval to proceed. We then arrange a convenient pick up date and collect all necessary information concerning your pick up location. In the event of larger projects or challenging pick up locations, we will send a project manager to determine the resources necessary for the project. Our internal recycling process normally takes approximately 3 weeks. At the completion of your project, all project documentation is also uploaded to our web based document archive “Compliance Library™”. This archive represents a convenient location to retrieve all project related documentation and also represents a complete regulatory required document repository for audit inquiries.

100% of our client quality control surveys rate both our pre-project and

post-project communications as “Excellent”

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