Onsite services for the disposal of hard drives and electronics recycling

Onsite Services:

Removal and Disposal of Hard Drives and Electronics Recycling

Back Thru The Future provides onsite services for the removal and disposal of hard drives and electronics. Using our secure vehicles, shred trucks, and trained personnel means that your secure data destruction needs are met at your facility. It’s the safest and most accurate way of disposing of your devices.

Onsite Services Include:

Onsite Hard Drive Removal

We know that IT Departments are often understaffed and overwhelmed. Equipment that has been decommissioned may be piled together with computers that still contain hard drives and some that do not. Back Thru The Future will arrive at your site, sort your devices, and identify which ones still contain data.

The device is audited, creating an inventory to identify the device by serial number or asset tag and/or preprinted barcode label. Our team will breakdown your devices onsite to remove any hard drives from your equipment. The hard drive is then removed from the equipment and added to the inventory, while being linked back to the original asset.  Once the hard drives are identified and removed, they are  transported to our secure onsite shredding vehicles, maintaining a documented chain of possession.  The drives are then shred on site. All resulting shredded materials and other equipment is returned to our EPA licensed universal waste electronic recycling facility for processing.  Back Thru The Future provides our clients with legally recognized environmental compliance certification for our secure destruction activity.

Device Removal

Our technicians can arrive onsite with the tools, equipment and collection bins to safely remove your:

  • Hard drives
  • Computer equipment
  • Peripherals
  • E-waste
  • Server racks
  • Networking equipment
  • Decommissioned phone systems

We can wrap, pack, or palletize all equipment onsite and load it onto our GPS tracked vehicles for transportation to our secure facility.

More Than a Vendor

We are more than just a vendor to our clients. Because data security is our #1 priority, we are their partner.
While onsite, our trained team will inventory your equipment and provide you with accurate details. We use barcode scanners and lockable containers to transfer your devices from your buildings for the safest chain of custody. If we are shredding your data storage devices onsite in our shred truck, our team will bring the shredded drives, decommissioned devices, and other equipment back to our secure warehouse for processing in our GPS tracked trucks. This ensures the safe and seamless disposal of your equipment. . We bring 30 years of IT asset disposal experience to our clients.


Environmental regulatory compliance 

25 States require that all devices with electronic circuitry embedded be recycled by qualified electronic recyclers and not land-filled. Back Thru The Future is one of only a very limited number of electronic recyclers in the US that is authorized as a US EPA “Universal Waste Destination facility for Electronics”. We have the US EPA authority to provide a legally valid environmental compliance document for the proper recycling of electronic waste. (Read More) 

We are both a Federal EPA registered and NJ State licensed electronic recycling facility as well as being one of a very few electronics recyclers that is both NAID AAA and PCI DSS certified secure. We maintain the electronic recycling industry’s highest certifications. 

Destruction certification 

Our onsite services can be witnessed, including hard drive shredding, device deinstallation, and inventory validation. We can also provide video recorded destruction on any media you choose. Our entire destruction process includes documented handling points within the destruction process that constitute auditable “chain of possession”. This is of particular importance for medical device manufactures that are required by the FDA to track individual devices utilizing UDI labels. 

We operate a fully integrated electronics recycling operation – from the shredding of the electronic components to the highly specialized ability to sort the shredded components into pure recyclable materials.  

At the completion of your project, you will receive detailed documentation and certificates.



I would again to give kudos to both Joe and Ty for the collection of items on 2/12/16. Their professionalism and dedication gives us great comfort in using BTTF for asset disposal and destruction. I would like to use your services for our 5 West Coast Offices.
Patrick is an excellent “face of the company” and very knowledgeable. [He] addressed all of the questions posed regarding what services you provide and how this pickup will be processed.
Patrick and his team were Great! They were efficient, neat, organized, and very personable. I enjoyed my interaction with all of them as I was working beside them doing other tasks. We had A LOT of stuff and they pushed through like champs. I really enjoy working with people who make my day go by quickly while getting a ton done. I look forward to working with them again.
I just want to say that the gentlemen that were here this past week did a great job. Especially Joe, who went above and beyond great customer service and work ethic to complete the job within our time constraints.
Just to let you know, your guys did a great job here on Tuesday. Professional, courteous and very efficient… …We will continue to use your services here in Branchville…
The technicians we had on site were great. Their system and work flow was fast and effective.
I just wanted to reach out and say how happy I was with the service we had yesterday. The two gentlemen who showed up were friendly and professional and it made the whole thing just a joy to be a part of. Both of them deserve raises.

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