Licensed and Federally Registered Computer Recycling

Licensed and Federally Registered Computer Recycling

Recycling your obsolete computer equipment is good for the environment, but it is also the law in 25 States.  Some of the toughest recycling regulations in the US are in the Northeast.  NJ and CT require that electronics recycling be done by a licensed and federally registered “Universal Waste Consumer Electronics Destination Recycling Facility”. In NJ and CT, only a licensed electronics recycling facility can provide a legal environmental compliance certificate. DE, NY, PA, MD, and Washington DC require that recycling computer equipment be done with a qualified electronics recycler.  All states recognize that only Federal EPA registered Universal Waste Destination facilities are qualified to provide valid computer recycling certificates.

Back Thru The Future is a NJ licensed and Federal EPA registered Universal Waste Consumer Electronics Destination Recycling facility. We are also certified by NAID as a AAA secure data destruction facility for on and offsite hard drive shredding. Only a handful of electronics recyclers in the United States have both qualifications.

Back Thru The Future Computer Recycling has been providing environmentally compliant computer recycling services for over 30 years. We have well over 1000 clients located throughout CT, NJ, NY and PA.

Computer Recycling Regulations by State 

Back Thru The Future Computer Recycling is a Federal EPA and NJ DEP licensed “universal waste electronics destination facility”. We are authorized to issue a legally valid electronics recycling environmental compliance certificate in all 50 States.

Our EPA audit report will list every item of equipment we recycle for you. Manufacturer, model, type of equipment, serial number, and weight are all listed.

We pick up your electronic waste on your schedule with our secure and GPS tracked vehicles. Our technicians are highly trained and background checked.

All project documentation can be accessed 24/7 from our cloud based “Compliance Library”. This provides easy access for both IT operations management statistics and audit purposes. 

Not sure what you have? Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you dispose of your electronic devices. We make the process easy, while keeping you compliant with all state and federal regulations . We can visit your facility, or work from photos and descriptions. When it comes time to send us your devices, we’ll help you arrange transportation, either with one of our vehicles, or a qualified shipper. 

Give us a call to find out how licensed and federally registered computer recycling can assist you. When you’re ready for us, we’ll be ready for you.

100% of our client quality control surveys rate both our pre-project and
post-project communications as “Excellent”

92% of our new client quality control surveys have been returned marked “exceeded expectations”.

Our Mission is Protecting our Clients from Environmental and Data Security Liabilities
with Secure, Auditable and Compliant Recycling and Data Destruction Services.