Computer Recycling Environmental Compliance in all 50 States

Electronic Recycling – Eliminating Environmental Risk and Liability

  • The disposal of obsolete IT assets carries very real organizational environmental risks and liabilities.
    25 states have implemented laws that require the recycling of electronic waste by “qualified” e-waste recyclers.
  • You cannot transfer environmental regulatory responsibility and there is no statute of limitations for this responsibility.
    Under Federal EPA regulations you, as the original owner of the waste material, retain financial responsibility for the proper disposal of the waste “forever”.
  • Disposed of electronics are Easily Tracked.  Electronics waste is readily tracked back to its original source. IT equipment manufacturer warranty records provide the ability to track individual serial numbered computer equipment back to you as the original owner


  • Use A Licensed Recycler- An environmental compliance document from someone without the authority to issue it is legally worthless. Finding an authorized recycler can be a significant challenge. Each of the 25 states has their own definition for a qualified computer recycler. 7 States have classified electronics as a form of hazardous waste known as universal waste. (Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey). These states follow the US EPA universal waste handling regulations and require that any entity physically processing a universal waste must be a licensed universal waste destination facility. All 50 states have adopted the Federal EPA universal waste handling regulations. Using a licensed universal waste electronics recycling destination facility eliminates the confusion of complying with 25 different state e-waste recycling definitions of qualified recycler.
  • Back Thru The Future is a licensed universal waste electronic recycling destination facility (US EPA –NJ DEP CDG 150002) we are legally recognized as a qualified computer recycler in all 50 states and have the US EPA authority to issue a legally valid environmental compliance certificate that terminates your environmental liability.

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