As a community service, Back Thru The Future has launched a FREE consumer hard drive destruction program.

Why Did we Launch this Free Consumer Hard Drive Destruction Program?

Our destruction process ensures that NO data can be recovered from any hard drive. Hard drives are shred into tiny pieces, and then the material is melted down and recycled. We have been providing this data destruction service for businesses for over 30 years. During that time, we have seen there are fewer safe options for consumers to dispose of their deinstalled hard drives.

At Back Thru the Future, we always care about the environment, data security, and our customers, but we also care about our community. Providing this hard drive destruction program for free is our way of helping consumers stay safe and keeping more metal out of the landfill.

It’s Safe, Convenient, and Free

What makes it safe? We are both a Federal EPA registered and NJ State licensed electronic recycling facility as well as being one of a very few electronics recyclers that is both NAID AAA and PCI DSS certified secure. We maintain the electronic recycling industry’s highest certifications.

We operate a fully integrated electronics recycling operation that includes shredding electronic components and the highly specialized ability to sort the shredded components into pure recyclable materials.

How convenient is it? To take advantage of our free consumer hard drive destruction program, just give us a call. We will confirm eligibility, provide shipping or drop off instructions, and answer any questions.

Then you just box up your hard drives and get them to us.

Your hard drives will be safely destroyed in our secure warehouse.

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