hard drive destruction program

Free Consumer Hard Drive Recycling Program

As a service to the community, we are now offering FREE hard drive destruction program to consumers who want to safely and securely destroy their hard drives. All hard drives are completely shredded in one of our industrial shredders in our secure warehouse.

Shredding hard drives not only ensures that all data is non recoverable, but it saves substantial amounts of metal from entering landfills.

How it works:

We will accept up to 5 hard drives per household. This program is for household hard drives only- no laptops, desktops, CDs, or other devices are included in this free program.

Step 1:

Call us at 973-823-9752 to arrange shipping or a drop off time.


Step 2:

Pack up your hard drives. If you decide to mail them to us, the US Post Office “Flat Rate” boxes are an excellent choice. Write “Electronics Recycling” on the outside of your shipping box. Inside the box, please include:

  • Up to 5 loose hard drives

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address so we may contact you if necessary


Step 3:

Your hard drives will be shred and recycled.


If you have other devices for destruction or recycling, such as phones, computers, or other IT equipment or Audio Visual equipment or you have any questions regarding the hard drive destruction program, please email Shred@BACKTHRUTHEFUTURE.COM

hard drive destruction program