Back Thru the Future specializes in the onsite sanitization of both data assets and communication devices that have been embedded within old data centers. We provide experienced data center relocation services using trained technicians, secure vehicles, and industry best practices.

Data center relocation and closure services

Destruction and recycling – identifying ‘at risk’ IT assets

BTTF has the technical expertise to identify ‘at risk’ equipment, then breakdown the devices onsite to remove the embedded components containing possible live data.

The ‘at-risk’ asset is audited, creating an inventory to identify the device by serial number / asset tag / and/or preprinted barcode label. The embedded component is removed, and identified by like audit procedure, then linked back to the original asset ‘at-risk’.  

Components that have been identified and removed are securely packaged and transported to our secure onsite shredding vehicles, maintaining a documented chain of possession.  The components are shred on site and certificates of destruction for individual components are provided to the client.

All resulting shredded materials are returned to our EPA licensed universal waste electronic recycling facility to be sorted into specific recycling material and sent to specialized refining facilities.  BTTF provides our clients with legally recognized environmental compliance certification for our secure destruction activity.

A licensed electronics recycling business’ – best practice

BTTF does not focus on the resale of obsolete IT assets.  We believe this represents a potential ongoing environmental liability as well as a potential data security risk. See why.

An IT asset disposition company (ITAD), whose economic model is based upon resale of your equipment has a very real incentive to minimize their costs, which may include both environmental and data security short cuts at your expense.

Our brand is based upon ‘Best Practice’, providing superior environmental, data security and compliance services which may cost a little more.  If you feel it is economically important to resell your assets allow us to sanitize them prior to the resale effort.

Solid state storage concerns – Is it a drive, is it a board?

The shredding of hard drives and other data media is an obvious precaution. Manufacturers in-bedding SSD circuitry on circuit boards are not thinking along these lines.  We have found that newer communications devices often contain solid state storage identifying network addresses. While this is not sensitive client data, it represents a very real network security vulnerability.

Large size component shredding – We may recommend eliminating the breakdown of a device and go straight to shredding the entire unit.  

Most mobile hard drive shredders have at maximum a 9” feeder throat, limiting the types and sizes of materials they can shred onsite. Back Thru The Future’s mobile shredding equipment has a 15 inch throughput, allowing the flexibility of shredding on several levels.

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Our Mission is Protecting our Clients from Environmental and Data Security Liabilities
with Secure, Auditable and Compliant Recycling and Data Destruction Services.