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The importance of NIST Guidelines | Data Destruction

Why the NIST standards for Media Sanitation are essential for Secure Media Destruction

The National Institute for Systems and Technology “NIST” is the technology standards developer for our federal government. NIST Special Publication 800-88 “Gudelines for Media Sanitization” is the US Government’s data media destruction standard.  This guideline is referenced in all federal data privacy laws as the only approved method of destroying personally sensitive data.  It has become the de-facto private sector standard as well.  The shredding of data media is identified under the NIST guidelines as the only absolute method for the destruction of electronically recorded data.  It has the significant added advantage of being technology insensitive.  This is a very important issue with the advent of solid state recording technology which is insensitive to magnetic degaussing which has been a popular private sector data sanitization technique.  Back Thru The Future provides both mobile and plant based shredding services.

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