White Papers: The Importance of Environmental Compliance | Shredding Hard Drives

Environmental Compliance when Shredding Hard Drives is a Real Issue

Environmental compliance is a particularly important issue when selecting a hard drive shredding vendor.  Not only do you need a “certificate of destruction” you should also receive a legally valid “environmental compliance certificate” for the recycling and disposal of the shredded material.  Many shredding companies are primarily paper shredders and have no environmental credentials for the disposal of a regulated solid waste.  We are a Federal EPA and NJ DEP permitted electronic universal waste destination facility and have the authority to provide a legally valid environmental compliance certificate in all 50 states.

The Correct Way To Recycle Your Hard Drives

Having been a licensed electronic recycling facility for over 15 years, we have developed a proprietary and highly efficient materials sorting system for hard drive shreds.  We can separate the basic materials used in the manufacturing of a hard drive to in excess of 95% purity.  We come as close as any electronic recycler in the US to making a hard drive an environmentally sustainable product.  Our hard drive shredding services are not only a great data privacy tool but also provides a great environmental result.

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