White Papers: The Importance of a Data Asset Control System

Why a Data Asset Control System is Essential | Data Media Destruction

Federal Data Privacy regulations as well as many State Identity Theft Laws require that you know at all times where your personally sensitive information resides and that you can prove it is secure.  While your data resides online keeping track of the data can be automated and your organizational data security process maintains it’s security.  Once the data assets become obsolete and are removed from the online system, tracking and security become a manual activity.  It is essential to establish an auditable “chain of possesion” record, documenting the control of the data asset from its initial de-installation from your active IT system all the way to the final NIST approved destruction of the recorded data.  Back Thru The Future’s handling procedures provides our clients with auditable records of the documented and secure multiple step transfer from your secure storage to the final NIST approved data media destruction.  The entire process is NAID AAA certified secure.

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