Sonos has released a discount deal encouraging the recycle of their e-waste which is to be applauded! Hopefully more manufacturers rise to the challenge of our growing industry to reduce the impact to the environment that e-waste produces. Major news outlets are covering the event where Speaker Bricking is encouraged by their company, U.S. smart speaker brand Sonos made waves for its practice of remotely disabling otherwise-functional speakers in exchange for giving customers a discount on new speakers.

A Sonos spokeswoman talking to BBC was quoted: “To participate in the Trade Up program and receive the 30% discount, a customer has to tell us in the app that they plan to recycle their old device. Customers can then redeem their discount at sonos.com or at a participating dealer. Once they have their new device, the customer will then be able to wipe their old device and deactivate it. Then it’s up to them either to recycle it locally, or they can return it to Sonos and we’ll recycle it.”

While it is yet to be seen if this will encourage other companies to follow suit, we look forward to reducing the piling list of e-waste for everyone.

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