Do you have less employees to manage your IT disposal? Here’s 3 ways to clear out equipment on site.

There is a dilemma that many companies are facing. There are less employees working in the office, which means there is a surplus of IT equipment. But with less employees, there are less people to organize recycling and destruction of hard drives, computers, data centers, and other media.

Some electronic recycling companies offer a mail in program, where companies can mail in their hard drives for recycling. While in the past, this type of program has mostly been for consumers (like a cell phone rebate program), more organizations are beginning to implement this type of service. For some organizations, this can be a great option. Especially when the quantities are low and there are no other larger size equipment pieces, and nothing needs to be destroyed onsite.

At Back Thru The Future, we offer 3 ways to clear out equipment on site:

1. Mail/ship your devices to us. This can be particularly convenient when there are multiple locations or when the office needs to be cleaned out in phases. As equipment becomes available for recycling, box it up and send it to our secure facility. We can even supply the box.We can also work with manufacturers who want to start a returns program. Your end users can ship their returns directly to us, saving you resources and space.

Advantages: There’s no rush and no time limit. You send it to us when your schedule allows. Once received, we process your equipment and send you the details.


2. Call us for a pickup. You pack up your equipment, either in boxes, pallets, or shrink-wrapped on wheels. We’ll arrive with a truck at a pre-determined time, pick up your equipment, and bring it back to our secure facility. If you need hard drives shred onsite, we can do that too.

Advantages: We can pick up your equipment as needed- once a year, once a quarter, once a month, or whenever you call us.


3. Call us for a removal. Closing or moving your data center? We can remove decommissioned devices, including rooms of various equipment, piles of networking devices, or bins of back up drives. Once we process your equipment in our warehouse, we’ll send you an itemized report.

Advantages: Our trained staff can remove your equipment, saving you time and resources.

Back Thru The Future Computer Recycling is a NJ licensed and Federal EPA registered Universal Waste Consumer Electronics Destination Recycling facility. We are also one of only a handful of licensed computer recyclers that is also certified by NAID as a AAA secure data destruction facility for both plant based and mobile hard drive shredding. Additionally, we are also R2 certified. R2 (Responsible Recycling) is an international recycling industry standard for the environmentally proper disposal of electronic equipment. R2 certification is an audited process confirming that the recycling business has appropriate policies and procedures for the disposal of obsolete electronics. R2, ISO (Environmental, OSHA, Quality Control) and NAID AAA security certifications are considered the “gold” standard for regulatory “Vendor Due Diligence” requirements. Back Thru The Future is one of a small number of electronic recyclers in the US with all these certifications as well as being a US EPA and NJ DEP licensed “Universal Waste Destination Facility” for the processing of electronics.

Back Thru The Future Computer Recycling has been providing environmentally compliant computer recycling services for over 25 years and has well over 1000 clients located throughout CT, NJ, NY and PA. All project documentation can be accessed 24/7 from our cloud based “Compliance Library” providing easy access for both IT operations management statistics and audit purposes.

Back Thru The Future® provides a unique blend of electronic recycling credentials and hard drive shredding experience and capabilities unmatched by any other company in the secure data destruction industry. We believe that secure data destruction services represent an important business partnership and we are a partner that you can trust.