Download our free whitepaperWe’ve released a new white paper, “Choosing a Technology Recycling Vendor in 5 Steps- Who needs a recycling vendor for technology and how do you choose the right one?”.

Choosing any vendor can be difficult. When you’re hiring a business to pick up your computer equipment, choosing the wrong company can be very problematic. There could be legal ramifications, disaster recovery costs, fines, and a loss of customers or business reputation. The right vendor due diligence could save you all of those headaches, and possibly lead to a partnership that allows you to feel comfortable about the disposal of your sensitive data. This white paper will show you why you need a licensed and certified recycling vendor, what is important to look for, and how to plan for your equipment disposal pickup.

You’ll also learn why proper vendor due diligence is important, and why “Free” is not better.

The first section of “Choosing a Technology Recycling Vendor in 5 Steps” reviews why recycling is important for the environment and data security, the laws that govern technology disposal, and which industries have specific requirements to dispose of data.

The next section lists the 5 steps to choosing a vendor. This in-depth white paper lists:

  • The things that need to be evaluated
  • Ways to enlist help
  • The type of equipment that should be recycled
  • How to gather and sort your unwanted technology
  • What qualifications to look for in a recycling vendor
  • The questions to ask your prospective vendors
  • What pitfalls to look out for
  • How to narrow down the winners

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