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There are over 500 Federal and State regulations governing IT asset disposal

Back Thru The Future understands these risks and has the proven tools and the experience to guide our clients through this complicated regulatory landscape



Our onsite asset inventory audit services are designed to establish essential chain of possession records and create an asset disposal inventory control mechanism by organizing, packaging and manifesting asset control groups.

To-be disposed of IT assets are often collected in an ad hoc basis. In many cases, asset identification and reconciliation with accounting records doesn’t occur onsite because of the lack of manpower and space. Data assets are mixed with non data assets and creates potentially serious data security control problems.

With 25 plus years of IT asset disposal experience, we have come to recognize that the point of pickup of to-be disposed of IT assets is the best place to reestablish inventory control of both data assets and non data assets.

Two important benefits of onsite inventory validation for inventory control are:

no1The reconciliation of the to-be disposed of physical assets to your financial fixed asset inventory records.

no2The establishment of the disposal asset inventory manifest which constitutes the start of your “chain of possession” disposal documentation.

Another important service capability is the removal of hard drives from to be disposed of computer systems and the establishment of a parent-child serial number association between the computer and the hard drive.

Our onsite technicians have been specifically trained and have years of experience dealing with a wide range of client site requirements.

This training and experience allows us to perform the inventory validation function in a highly efficient manner resulting in accurate records and timely completion of the project.

Once the to-be disposed of data asset inventory has been established, we initiate our “Safe Harbor” secure data destruction process.

A preprinted bar code label is attached to the to-be disposed of data asset and the bar code information is appended to your asset inventory record. At this point the bar code label becomes the “chain of possession” identifier. The purpose of using a preprinted bar code label is to eliminate any possible confusion associated to the multiple manufacture bar code labels found on data assets. It also identifies the data asset as belonging to a particular disposal project.

The bar code labeled drives are immediately placed in secure containers that protect against unauthorized removal of the drives from the disposal process and container manifests are created. At this point the data assets are ready for the sanitization process.

Onsite Shredding and Degaussing

We highly recommend that data media sanitization take place at the customer’s location. In the healthcare and financial industries and under many State data privacy regulations a loss during transportation of an unencrypted device would trigger a regulatory mandated “Data Breach Notification”. Data Breach notifications are expensive but the resulting bad publicity can be many times more harmful to an organization.  Providing NIST approved onsite degaussing or onsite shredding completely eliminates this business risk.

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