“We protect our Clients from Environmental and Data Security Liabilities with
Secure and Auditable Electronic Equipment and Data Media Destruction/Recycling Services.”

NYS Computer Recycling Certified Secure

Computer Recycling NY | Certified Secure

There are over 500 Federal and State regulations governing IT asset disposal

Back Thru The Future understands these risks and has the proven tools and the experience to guide our clients through this complicated regulatory landscape


NYS computer recycling activity is regulated by the “NYS Electronic Recycling and Reuse Act” effective 4/1/2011.

This act requires that all commercial and government NYS based facilities with over 50 employees use a properly certified electronic recycling facility.  Back Thru The Future in a NJ based Federal EPA and NJ DEP licensed “Universal Waste Destination Facility” for the recycling of consumer electronics.  NYS along with all other 50 states has adopted the US EPA “Universal Waste” handling regulations. We are authorized by the Federal EPA to issue an environmental compliance document that is recognized by the State of NY as a legally valid environmental compliance certificate.

Experience You can Trust

Back Thru The Future has been in business for over 25 years and has over 1000 clients located throughout the Northeast US.

On Site Technical Expertise

Back Thru The Future use it’s own highly trained employees to remove your IT assets utilizing a documented control system that maintains a strict “chain of possession”.  This assures you that your assets will be securely handled and and the entire process will be documented in auditable manner.

Assured Data Security

Back Thru The Future is one of a very limited number of licensed electronic recyclers that is also a NAID AAA certified secure data destruction business. We focus on providing onsite hard drive shredding services.  Keep in Mind that the NYS Electronic Waste Recycling and Reuse Act specifically states that NYS authorized recycling facilities have “no” data liability.

Assured Auditability

All project records are stored in our cloud based document archive “Compliance Library”  Our Compliance Library represents a comprehensive solution to bulky emails and easily lost hard copies of important compliance documents. It not only provides easy access document storage but also detailed asset management tools.

Quick and Easy Project quotes

Simply provide approximate quantities of the items you want recycled and we will provide a formal project quote along with a statement of services to be provided.  All you need to do is verbally confirm approval of the quote. Our logistics department will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time for the removal of your equipment.   See our “Contact Us” button below.

100% of our client quality control surveys rate both our pre-project and
post-project communications as “Excellent”

92% of our new client quality control surveys have been returned marked “exceeded expectations”.

Why not get a project price quote and find out how inexpensive great service can be?

Environmentally Compliant since 1990

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