deinstallation and relocation

Back Thru the Future specializes in onsite or offsite hard drive removal, device removal, and deinstallation and relocation of equipment using trained technicians, secure vehicles, and industry best practices.

Onsite Hard Drive Removal

We know that IT Departments are often understaffed and overwhelmed. Equipment that has been decommissioned may be piled together with computers that still contain hard drives and some that do not. Back Thru The Future will arrive at your site, sort your devices, and identify which ones still contain data.

The device is audited, creating an inventory to identify the device by serial number or asset tag and/or preprinted barcode label. Our team will breakdown your devices onsite to remove any hard drives from your equipment. The hard drive is then removed from the equipment and added to the inventory, while being linked back to the original asset.  Once the hard drives are identified and removed, they are  transported to our secure onsite shredding vehicles, maintaining a documented chain of possession.  The drives are then shred on site. All resulting shredded materials and other equipment is returned to our EPA licensed universal waste electronic recycling facility for processing.  Back Thru The Future provides our clients with legally recognized environmental compliance certification for our secure destruction activity.

Device Removal

Our technicians can arrive onsite with the tools, equipment and collection bins to safely remove your:

  • Hard drives
  • Computer equipment
  • Peripherals
  • E-waste
  • Server racks
  • Networking equipment
  • Decommissioned phone systems

We can wrap, pack, or palletize all equipment onsite and load it onto our GPS tracked vehicles for transportation to our secure facility.

Deinstallation and relocation

Deinstallation and Relocation

As offices are downsizing and shifting to a remote workforce, many of our clients have IT equipment in multiple locations. Our team can safely remove, pack, and relocate your devices to another location, using our GPS tracked vehicles. Additionally, if you need that equipment stored before relocating it, we can arrange for storage in our secure warehouse.

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Our Mission is Protecting our Clients from Environmental and Data Security Liabilities
with Secure, Auditable and Compliant Recycling and Data Destruction Services.