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There are over 500 Federal and State regulations governing IT asset disposal. Back Thru The Future understands these risks and has the proven tools and the experience to guide our clients through this complicated regulatory landscape.

Connecticut regulations specifically identify hard drives as a regulated universal waste

“E-wastes generated from non-residential sources (commercial, governmental, retail, etc.) are regulated under current federal and state hazardous waste laws. Some electronic materials are considered hazardous waste. Others must be managed in accordance with the Universal Waste Regulations (RCSA Section 22a-449(c)-113).”

Connecticut regulations specifically identify hard drives as a regulated universal waste. The DEEP regulations state:

To “Crush, shred and puncture hard drives and electronic data storage media generated from the disassembly of used electronics” you must be a permitted “universal waste destination facility” as identified under 40 CRF 260 of the Federal EPA universal waste handling code.

Back Thru The Future® is a Federal and State registered “Universal Waste Consumer Electronics Destination Facility” (Permit No. CDG120002, EPA ID No. 000075416). We provide CT DEEP compliant onsite and plant based secure destruction of hard drives and solid state data storage devices.


Federal (HIPAA, GLBA), Industry (PCI) and State (ID Theft) data privacy regulations have highly specific requirements for the destruction of obsolete personally sensitive data. They require that the data be destroyed according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines for Media Sanitization. They further state that third-party data destruction services must meet required vendor due diligence standards.

Back Thru The Future® provides NIST approved onsite hard drive shredding and degaussing services. BTTF is among a select few licensed electronic recycling businesses that is also NAID AAA certified as a secure data destruction operation for both plant-based and mobile hard drive shredding. NAID certification, as a recognized industry security standard, serves to satisfy vendor due diligence requirements.

Transporting live data media outside of your physical security perimeter is a high risk activity. Destroying onsite eliminates that risk.


These vehicles have been specifically designed to handle both large quantity hard drive shred projects and also to address the sometimes unique challenges of a shred project. The Predator I shredder has a unique large input throat of 16” versus the industry standard 9” throat. This allows us to shred intact circuit boards most complete mobile computing devices and the old 12”
magnetic reel tapes.

The Predator II was specifically designed as a low height vehicle allowing access to low overhang loading docks. It is also a cab-over design providing much easier maneuverability and parking thus making it a “city” friendly vehicle.

The new Predator III utilize a shredder that includes a separate shred compartment for solid state devices. It is capable of shredding SSD to a 3/8” particle size as required by NIST. Most standard hard drive shredders come in 1.5”, 1” shred sizes.


Beginning in 1996, BTTF was the first company in the US to offer standalone hard drive shredding services. Today, with over 500 hard drive shredding clients in the Northeast, we shred more hard drives from commercial sources than anyone else in the country.


Onsite shredding is the most effective method for sanitizing SSD and solid state cards. Because of the very small size of solid state circuitry, NIST destruction guidelines require a maximum shred size of 1/2 inches. Back Thru The Future is one of only a very limited number of onsite hard drive shredding services that can meet this shred size standard. Today, most mobile computing devices utilize solid state storage. Server hard drives are rapidly incorporating solid state data storage components. The sanitization of solid state storage devices is becoming a significant data security challenge. Adopting onsite SSD shredding as your universal data destruction process eliminates the technical challenges of sanitizing solid state media and provides a one-stop solution to all of your data destruction needs.


As a Federal and State licensed electronic recycling facility, we provide a Certificate of Destruction that is also a regulatory required environmental compliance document. Our proprietary materials sorting process allows us to recapture nearly 100% of the materials used in the manufacturing of a hard drive, making this a highly efficient method for recycling your hard drives as well as a data security best practice.

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