Onsite Hard Drive Shredding and Disposal NJ

The Shredding of a Hard Drive in New Jersey is an
Environmentally Regulated Activity

Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Prohibited In NJ 2008

In a Letter of Interpretation to Back Thru The Future the NJ DEP stated that a hard drive as an electronic device and a Universal Waste could only be recycled, disposed of or processed (shredding is considered processing) by a licensed Class D Universal Waste Consumer electronics processing facility. The NJ DEP further stated that since a Class D permit is issued to a specific geographical location mobile shredding of a hard drive anywhere in NJ was prohibited.  NJ was the only State in the US that enforced this prohibition.

Class D License amendment allowing Mobile hard drive shredding 2013

The NJ DEP in April of 2013 issued an amendment to the Universal Waste Consumer Electronics license that allowed a Class D facility to provide onsite hard drive shredding as long as a list of handling requirements were met.  Back Thru the Future was the first and only Class D facility to receive this amendment until 2015.  For that period of time we were the only business in the US that could legally provide onsite hard drive shredding services in NJ.

Mobile Hard Drive Shredding for Data Security purposes permitted by non NJ DEP licensed Shredders 2016

In January, NJ passed a law permitting non licensed shredders to provide onsite hard drive shredding for data security purposes. Approved onsite shredding law.

This law does not allow the non regulated shredder to dispose of or recycle the shredded hard drive material. This law requires all onsite hard drive shredders to be NAID AAA certified.

In 2006 Back Thru The Future® became the 1st electronic recycling company in the US to become NAID AAA certified for secure hard drive destruction.  We are the only Class D licensed electronic recycling facility in NJ and the only licensed electronic recycler in the NYC area that has NAID AAA certification.

The non regulated shredder must deliver this material to a Class D facility for this purpose.  The NJ E-scrap law of 1/1/2011 requires all to be disposed of electronics to be recycled by and authorized recycler. A Class D licensed facility are the only authorized recyclers in NJ (link to NJ DEP class D list). A Class D facility is the only entity authorized to provide a legally valid environmental compliance certificate for the disposal of the hard drive shreds.

All NJ based commercial facilities are required to file an annual report of the tonnage of electronics recycled. 

Class D permitted facilities are required by state law to provide these annual tonnage reports to our clients, local municipal recycling coordinators and county MUAs.  These reports support recycling funding to municipalities from the State.

Using a Class D licensed Mobile hard drive shredder protects your organization from the failure of a non licensed shredder from following NJ state recycling laws and putting your organization at risk.


Onsite shredding is the most effective method for sanitizing SSD and solid state cards. This is the NIST approved method of data destruction for solid state data storage devices. Any other method of sanitization represents a highly technical and time consuming effort with questionable effectiveness. Most mobile communication and computing devices use solid state data storage. Server hard drives are rapidly incorporating solid state data storage components. The sanitization of solid state storage devices is becoming a significant data security challenge. Adopting onsite SSD shredding as your universal data destruction process eliminates the technical challenges of sanitizing solid state media and provides a one-stop solution to all of your data destruction needs in NYC.


As a Federal and State licensed electronic recycling facility, we provide a Certificate of Destruction that is also a regulatory required environmental compliance document. Our proprietary materials sorting process allows us to recapture nearly 100% of the materials used in the manufacturing of a hard drive, making this a highly efficient method for recycling your hard drives as well as a data security best practice.

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